For the Open Learning 17 blog post on week 4 I sat down to watch the abridged interview with Ted Nelson. I readied my coffee and shut my office door, as not to disturb the rest of the suite.

Young Version (courtesy of

And I honestly grabbed a paper and pen and took notes. I think Ted Nelson would frown on this method of learning, but my educational structure is ingrained in me. No, this is not how I run my own classes, and I rarely lecture (my students can learn from themselves and each other without me…Ted would like that). However, this is what I did. So, instead of taking the time to come up with something wonderfully creative, I’m going to share my notes:

The computer is a universal machine.

Most people don’t know how it works and those that do aren’t willing to share.

Teachers in classrooms: overworked, working for curricula, can’t buy packages (only use free).

NOTHING Magazine, published by Ted. Seems like an early Prezi presentation.

Oceanic Mind-Learning as much as you can.

Motivation within the system: Degree/Job or “be a learned person”.

Ted’s Philosophy:

Schematics: Structure

Normatics: Philosophy of ‘shoulds’

Gamics: Structure of situations and maneuvers, “enforcement”

Ideamics: Representation of tokens. We present our ideas and they can be manipulated. Ideam=token of though.

Thought: Wow, those seem like an argument for liberal arts education.