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Dreams of Liberation (Notes)

For the Open Learning 17 blog post on week 4 I sat down to watch the abridged interview with Ted Nelson. I readied my coffee and shut my office door, as not to disturb the rest of the suite.

Young Version (courtesy of

And I honestly grabbed a paper and pen and took notes. I think Ted Nelson would frown on this method of learning, but my educational structure is ingrained in me. No, this is not how I run my own classes, and I rarely lecture (my students can learn from themselves and each other without me…Ted would like that). However, this is what I did. So, instead of taking the time to come up with something wonderfully creative, I’m going to share my notes:

The computer is a universal machine.

Most people don’t know how it works and those that do aren’t willing to share.

Teachers in classrooms: overworked, working for curricula, can’t buy packages (only use free).

NOTHING Magazine, published by Ted. Seems like an early Prezi presentation.

Oceanic Mind-Learning as much as you can.

Motivation within the system: Degree/Job or “be a learned person”.

Ted’s Philosophy:

Schematics: Structure

Normatics: Philosophy of ‘shoulds’

Gamics: Structure of situations and maneuvers, “enforcement”

Ideamics: Representation of tokens. We present our ideas and they can be manipulated. Ideam=token of though.

Thought: Wow, those seem like an argument for liberal arts education.



Free Speech, Not Free Beer

When discussing free software and open access I think that personal property rights  and ‘who’s going to pay for that’ are questions that come up frequently.

As Stallman writes, “you should think of ‘free’ as in ‘free speech,’ not as in ‘ffree_beer_app_logo_2013ree beer’.” (Free Software Foundation, 2014).

Wow, this clears it all up for me. We are sharing knowledge, not giving away our beer supply.#Openlearning17.





Free Software Foundation, 2014. “Initial announcement,” GNU operating system, at, accessed 5 April 2016.

Open Learning ’17

This site has been created to participate in Open Learning ’17. As part of Virginia’s “Faculty Collaboratives” effort, the AAC&U and the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia are partnering to sponsor a free, online, and open learning experience called “Open Learning ’17.” Somewhere between a course of study and an informal conversation, the experience emphasizes collegial, interactive, networked learning and sharing.

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